Maricopa Community Colleges  ARH102   19946-20035 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 04/26/94
ARH102 19946-20035 LEC 3 Credit(s) 3 Period(s)
Renaissance Through Contemporary Art
History of art from Renaissance through contemporary period. Prerequisites: None.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
ARH102   19946-20035 Renaissance Through Contemporary Art
1. Identify stylistic characteristics of the various historical periods from the Renaissance through the present. (I - XIV)
2. Define and use art historical terminology. (I - XIV)
3. Describe the various visual elements of art and how one uses these to analyze and evaluate works of art (I - XIV)
4. Describe the processes involved in the creation of works of art. (I - XIV)
5. Identify key works by various painters, sculptors, an architects. (I - XIV)
6. Critically compare and contrast various works of art. (I -XIV)
7. Identify key time periods and national characteristics of various artists and works of art. (I - XIV)
8. Identify and describe artistic issues and controversies, such as restoration, patronage, preservation, accessibility, scholarship and criticism. (I - XIV)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
ARH102   19946-20035 Renaissance Through Contemporary Art
    I. Late Gothic Flemish Painting
        A. Robert Campin
        B. Jan van Eyck
        C. Rogier van der Weyden
        D. Hugo van der Goes
        E. Hieronymus Bosch
      II. Early Renaissance in Italy
          A. Florence
            1. Sculpture
              a. Nanni di Banco
              b. Donatelio
              c. Ghiberti
            2. Architecture
              a. Brunelieschi
              b. Michelozzo
            3. Painting
              a. Masaccio
              b. Fra Filippo Lippi
              c. Fra Angelico
              d. Piero della Francesca
              e. Uccello
              f. Castagno
          B. Central and Northern Italy
            1. Pollaiuolo
            2. Botticelli
            3. Perugino
            4. Signoralli
        III. High Renaissance in Italy: 1495-1520
            A. Leonardo da Vince
            B. Bramante
            C. Michelangelo
            D. Raphael
            E. Glorgione
            F. Titian
          IV. Mannerism
              A. Parmigianino
              B. Bronzino
              C. Sofonisba Anguissola
              D. Palladio
            V. Renaissance in the North
                A. Germany
                  1. Grunewald
                  2. Durer
                  3. Cranach
                  4. Altdorfer
                B. Italy
                C. Netherlands
              VI. Baroque
                  A. Italy
                    1. Caravaggio
                    2. Gentileschi
                    3. St. Peters
                    4. Bernini
                  B. Flanders
                    1. Rubens
                    2. van Dyck
                  C. Holland
                    1. Hals
                    2. Leyster
                    3. Rembrandt
                    4. Vermeer
                  D. Spain
                    1. Velazquez
                    2. Zurbaran
                  E. France
                    1. Poussin
                    2. George de la Tour
                    3. Louis Le Nain
                    4. Louvre
                    5. Versailles
                  F. England
                VII. Rococo
                    A. France
                      1. Royal Academy
                      2. Watteau
                      3. Boucher
                      4. Fragonard
                      5. Chardin
                      6. Vigee-Lebrun
                    B. England
                      1. Hogarth
                      2. Sir Joshua Reynolds
                      3. Gainsborough
                  VIII. Neoclassicism
                      A. France
                        1. Greuze
                        2. David
                      B. England and Colonial America
                        1. West
                        2. Copley
                        3. Kauffman
                      C. Sculpture
                      D. Architecture
                    IX. Romanticism
                        A. Spain
                          1. Goya
                        B. France
                          1. Ingres
                          2. Gericault
                          3. Delacroix
                        C. Landscape painting
                          1. France
                            a. Corot
                            b. Bonheur
                          2. England
                            a. Constable
                            b. Turner
                          3. Germany
                        D. Architecture
                      X. Realism
                          A. Courbet
                          B. Manet
                        XI. Impressionism
                            A. Monet
                            B. Renoir
                            C. Degas
                            D. Morisot
                          XII. Sculpture
                              A. Rodin
                              B. Claudel
                            XIII. Post-impressionism
                                A. Cezanne
                                B. Seurat
                                C. van Gogh
                                D. Gauguin
                                E. Ensor
                                F. Munch
                              XIV. Twentieth Century
                                  A. Expressionism
                                    1. Fauves
                                      a. Matisse
                                      b. Rouault
                                    2. Die Brucke
                                    3. Der Blaue Rider
                                    4. Mexican Mural Painters and Rivera
                                  B. Abstraction
                                    1. Cubism
                                      a. Picasso
                                      b. Leger
                                    2. Futurism
                                      a. Boccioni
                                      b. Stella
                                    3. Supermatism
                                    4. De Stijl
                                    5. Sculpture
                                      a. Brancusi
                                      b. Moore
                                      c. Hepworth
                                  C. Architecture
                                    1. Art Nouveau
                                    2. Wright
                                    3. International Style
                                      a. Bauhaus
                                      b. Le Corbusier
                                    4. Post Modernism
                                    5. Deconstructivism
                                  D. Fantasy
                                    1. Dada
                                      a. Duchamp
                                      b. Oppenheim
                                    2. Surrealism
                                      a. Miro
                                      b. Dali
                                      c. Magritte
                                      d. Kahlo
                                  E. Art since World War II
                                    1. Abstract expressionism
                                    2. Color field painting
                                    3. Pop art
                                    4. Op art
                                    5. African American Art
                                    6. Installation Art
                                    7. Figurative Art
                                    8. Photo Realism
                                    9. Environmental Art
                                    10. Conceptual Art
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