Maricopa Community Colleges  ARH101   19946-20035 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 04/26/94
ARH101 19946-20035 LEC 3 Credit(s) 3 Period(s)
Prehistoric through Gothic Art
History of art from prehistoric through medieval period. Prerequisites: None.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
ARH101   19946-20035 Prehistoric through Gothic Art
1. Identify stylistic characteristics of the various historical periods from the Prehistoric Period through the Middle Ages. (I - XII)
2. Define and use art historical terminology (I - XII)
3. Identify various visual elements and explain how one uses these to analyze and evaluate works of art. (I - XII)
4. Describe various techniques and materials use din creating sculpture, paintings, and architecture. (I - XII)
5. Identify key works by various painters, sculptors and architects. (I - XII)
6. Critically compare and contrast various works of art. (I - XII)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
ARH101   19946-20035 Prehistoric through Gothic Art
    I. Prehistoric Art
        A. Paleolithic
          1. Cave paintings
          2. Sculpture
        B. Neolithic
          1. Sites
            a. Jericho
            b. Catal Huyuk
          2. Megaliths
            a. Stonehenge
            b. Dolmens
      II. Egyptian Art
          A. Predynastic art
          B. Old Kingdom
          C. Middle Kingdom
          D. New Kingdom
          E. Ptolemaic
        III. Ancient Near East
            A. Sumerian
            B. Akkadian
            C. Neo-Sumerian
            D. Babylonian
            E. Assyrian
            F. Neo-Babylonian
            G. Persia
          IV. Aegean Art
              A. Cycladic art
              B. Minoan art
                1. Sir Arthur Evans
                2. Knosses and other palaces
              C. Mycenaean Art
                1. Heinrich Schliemann
                2. Mycenaean ruins
            V. Greek Art
                A. Geometric style
                B. Orientalizing style
                C. Archaic style
                D. Architecture
                  1. Various styles
                  2. Architectural terminology
                E. Severe style
                F. Classical style
                G. Pre-Hillenistic style
                H. Hellenistic style
              VI. Etruscan Art
                VII. Roman Art
                    A. Architecture
                    B. Sculpture
                    C. Painting
                  VIII. Early Christian Art
                      A. Catacombs
                      B. Architecture
                      C. Sculpture
                      D. Painting and mosaics
                    IX. Byzantine
                        A. First Golden Age
                        B. Second Golden Age
                        C. Later Byzantine art
                      X. Early Medieval Art
                          A. Dark Ages
                            1. Germanic
                            2. Hiberno-Saxon
                            3. Lombard
                          B. Carolingian art
                          C. Ottonian art
                        XI. Romanesque Art
                            A. Architecture
                            B. Sculpture
                            C. Painting
                          XII. Gothic Art
                              A. Architecture
                              B. Sculpture
                              C. Painting
                                1. Stained glass
                                2. Manuscripts
                                3. Frescoes and altarpieces
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