Maricopa Community Colleges  CIS286   19916-19992 
Official Course Description:   MCCCD Approval:  12/08/98  
CIS286      19916-19992 L+L 3 Credit(s) 4 Period(s)
IMS(DL/I) Database Programming
Program design and coding utilizing the Information Management System (IMS) [Data Language/I (DL/I)] hierarchical database in both batch and online processing. Prerequisites: (CIS158 and CIS262) or permission of instructor.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
CIS286   19916-19992 IMS(DL/I) Database Programming
1. Identify the key elements of a Data Base Definition (DBD). (I)
2. Perform hierarchical relationships with data. (I)
3. Identify the database segments that will be accessed by a program study using Program Specification Block (PSB) and the Program Communication Block (PCB). (II)
4. Perform Information Management System (IMS) call statements. (II)
5. Discuss, format and use the Segment Search Arguments (SSA) to perform IMS calls. (II)
6. Discuss and format IMS access call statements. (III)
7. Discuss and convert from DL/I to the Batch Message Program (BMP). (IV)
8. Explain and create the control blocks needed to process transactions from an inputting terminal using 3270 Message Formatting Services (MFS) format. (V)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
CIS286   19916-19992 IMS(DL/I) Database Programming
    I. IMS database foundation
        A. IMS background
        B. Database terminology
          1. Hierarchy, parent-children, twins
          2. DL/I access methods
          3. Records, segments, fields, keys, segment prefix
          4. DBD, PSB, ACB (Application Control Block), PCB
          5. Secondary indexing
        C. Records, segments, fields, keys, segment prefix
          1. Logging
          2. Segment Sensitivity, Processing Options, Update Intent
      II. Batch application programming
          A. DL/I and BMP Program types
          B. IMS, Job Control Language (JCL)
          C. PSB, PCB, and SSA in application programs
          D. IMS call statements
            1. Required elements
            2. Optional elements
          E. Unqualified calls vs. qualified calls
          F. DL/I return status codes
        III. Advanced IMS call options
            A. Command codes
            B. Boolean operators
            C. Keyfeedback area
            D. Call paterns and data base position
              1. Parentage
              2. PCB position
              3. Key fields and search fields
            E. Update calls
              1. Replace
              2. Insert
              3. Delete
          IV. Conversion DL/I to BMP processing
              A. Checkpoint processing
              B. BMP JCL
              C. Generalized Sequential Access Methods (GSAM) data bases and their usage
            V. Message processing programs
                A. Transaction processing
                B. Message queue
                C. 3270 MFS
                  1. MID (Message Input Descriptor) /MOD (Message Output Descriptor)
                  2. DIF (Device Input Format)/DOF (Device Output Format)
                D. Message queue access
                E. Message switching
                F. Message response
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