Maricopa Community Colleges  ART283   19904-19955 

Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 05/22/90

ART283  19904-19955


3 Credit(s)

6 Period(s)

Computer Aided Graphic Arts II

Advanced skill development of graphic design through use of microcomputer. Emphasis on computer design and techniques for producing all types of camera-ready advertising art for printed matter and package design. Includes illustration, typography, photo imaging, and color separation.

Prerequisites: ADA/ART183 or permission of Instructor.

Cross-References: ADA283





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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:



ART283  19904-19955

Computer Aided Graphic Arts II



Computer generate a mechanical for two color printing using overlays and register marks. (I)


Describe screen percentages, line art, halftone art, and four color separation processes as related to the computer. (II, III, IV, V)


Execute paste-up art and prepare overlays and masks for newspaper/magazine advertising using simple or multiple color separation on the computer. (III)


Use appropriate software to design a camera ready, multi-fold brochure that includes style specification, line art work, scaling, halftones, and color separations on the computer. (IV)


Solve design problems pertaining to 3-D packaging using graphic software to design a four-color product package. (V)


Utilize computer techniques of photo-cropping and scaling with emphasis on the correct handling of scanned and digitized images. (IV)


Execute hardcopies of computer generated images using dot matrix, inkjet, transfer, and/or laser printers. (I, III, IV, V)


Prepare a professional portfolio. (VI)



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MCCCD Official Course Outline:



ART283  19904-19955

Computer Aided Graphic Arts II



I. Cover Design

A. Overlays-two color separation

B. Register marks

II. Computer Color Separation Process

A. Line art

B. Halftone

C. Four color process

D. Screen percentages

III. Newspaper/Magazine Advertising

A. Black and white

B. Multi-color ads

C. Four color process

D. Computer paste-up art

E. Overlays and masks

IV. Brochures

A. Style specifications

B. Line art work

C. Scanned and digitized images

D. Scaling

E. Halftone

F. Computer color separations

V. 3-D Product Package Design

A. Style specifications for 3-D form

B. Line art work

C. Computer color separations

VI. Portfolio

A. Review/selection

B. Format

C. Assignments

D. Resume


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