Maricopa Community Colleges  CHM090   19896-99999 

Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 04/11/89

CHM090  19896-99999


1 Credit(s)

1 Period(s)

Preparation for Fundamental Chemistry

A developmental course designed to review basic math and chemistry principles for students deficient or insecure in these areas. Stresses individualized instruction and "hands-on" experience. Serves to prepare the student for CHM130. Prerequisites: None.


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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:



CHM090  19896-99999

Preparation for Fundamental Chemistry



Solve elementary math problems with a calculator and selected operations without the use of a calculator. (I)


Estimate the answer to a numerical problem in order to validate a calculated answer. (I)


Identify units of length, volume, and density and their interrelationships. (II)


Calculate volume and density from appropriate measurements. (II)


Read and analyze story problems in chemistry involving measurements and set up the math operations needed to solve them. (II)


Use the factor-label method of problem solving in chemistry. (II)


Convert metric measurements to English and vice verse. (II)


Read and follow directions for routine chemistry lab operations. (III)


Manipulate and read common measuring instruments in the chemistry lab.(III)


Record in usable form observations of reactions and data from measurements. (III)


Explain chemistry terms and concepts (atoms, molecules, energy, physical and chemical changes) and give appropriate examples. (IV)


Define "law", "theory", and "hypothesis", and relate these terms to use of the scientific method. (IV)


Identify assumptions and reasoning patterns underlying newspaper articles and advertising claims, and compare to the scientific method. (IV)



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MCCCD Official Course Outline:



CHM090  19896-99999

Preparation for Fundamental Chemistry



I. Math review

A. Basic math operations

1. Review of selected longhand operations

a. Fraction multiplication

b. Decimal addition and subtraction

B. Estimation

II. Measurements and chemical calculations using them

A. Measurements

1. Length and derived quantities

a. Area

b. Volume

B. Story problem analysis

1. Reading the problem and identifying the "given" measurement and quantity to be calculated

2. Identifying the math operations needed to solve the problem

C. Factor-label method

1. Review of fraction multiplication including "canceling"

2. Units in calculations

D. Conversion problems

1. Comparison of metric and English units

2. Conversion factors

III. Chemistry lab operations

A. Lab directions

1. Identification of chemistry lab equipment

2. Common chemistry lab procedures

B. Measuring instruments

1. Common chemistry lab techniques

2. Accurate reading of instruments

C. Recording observations

IV. Chemistry concepts

A. General terms

1. Basic definitions: atoms, molecules, matter, energy

2. Relationships: physical and chemical changes

B. Scientific method

1. Definitions of law, theory, hypothesis

2. Progression of thought patterns in scientific method

3. Identifying omissions in thought patterns, and errors in logic


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