Maricopa Community Colleges  BPC110AB   19876-19925 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 03/10/87
BPC110AB 19876-19925 L+L 2 Credit(s) 3 Period(s)
Microcomputer Applications
Introductory applications of the microcomputer in the home, school and work environments. Prerequisites: BPC110AA or permission of instructor.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
BPC110AB   19876-19925 Microcomputer Applications
1. Describe the characteristics of micoromputer graphics. (I)
2. Use a variety of graphics input methods to create graphics. (I)
3. Describe the characteristics of a database management system. (II)
4. Use a database management system to create files, retrieve data, and prepare reports. (II)
5. Use a word processing program to move, delete, copy, and format blocksof data; create headers and footers; and to use special print features. (III)
6. Use a spreadsheet program to sort data, move and copy information, create spreadsheet graphics, build project develop special print techniques. (IV)
7. Use the disk operating commands to facilitate software applications. (V)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
BPC110AB   19876-19925 Microcomputer Applications
    I. Graphics capabilities
        A. Methods of input
        B. Color
        C. Free from deawing
        D. Graphs
        E. Methods of output
        F. Printing
      II. Data base mangement programs
          A. Recrod ceration
          B. File ceration
          C. Creating input screens
          D. Data manupulation and retrieval
          E. Report genration
        III. Word processing programs
            A. Bolck commands
            B. Headers and footers
            C. Paginatio
            D. Formatting
            E. Print commands
            F. Directory
          IV. Electronic spreadsheet programs
              A. Sort, move, and copy information
              B. Spreadsheet graphics
              C. Create macros and project files
              D. Split windows
              E. Printing techniques
            V. Disk operating system commands
                A. Batch processing
                B. Sub directories
                C. Sort
                D. Path
                E. Compare
                F. Date
                G. Time
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