Maricopa Community Colleges  CPD102AB   19986-99999 

Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 2/23/10

CPD102AB  2010 Fall - 9999

LEC  2.0 Credit(s)  2.0 Period(s)  2.0 Load  Acad

Career Exploration

Designed to assist students make informed career decisions. Focuses on current occupational trends and outlook. Explores career-related interests, values, needs, preferences, skills, and strengths with the use of various assessments. Aids in the development of individualized educational/career goals and action plan.

Prerequisites: None.


Course Notes: CPD102AB may be repeated for a total of six (6) credit hours.

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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:


CPD102AB  2010 Fall - 9999

Career Exploration


1.         Explain the process of career and educational planning. (I)

2.         Understand the results of various self-assessments. (II)

3.         Use research tools to explore careers and educational options. (III)

4.         Analyze current occupational trends, outlook, and self-assessments to identify and compare career options. (IV, V)

5.         Design an individualized action plan that includes educational and career goals. (V)


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MCCCD Official Course Outline:


CPD102AB  2010 Fall - 9999

Career Exploration


I.          Concepts and Terminology

            A.        Career development framework

            B.        Career/educational planning

II.        Self Assessments

            A.        Personal preferences

            B.        Self-concept

            C.        Interests

            D.        Values

            E.         Skills and strengths

            F.         Life experiences

III.       Career Information Resources

            A.        Printed materials

            B.        Technology

            C.        Personal contacts

IV.       Career Exploration

            A.        Career options

            B.        Educational preparation and/or training

            C.        Salary ranges

            D.        Occupational/educational outlook

            E.         Work environment

            F.         Related occupations

V.        Planning for the Future

            A.        Personal evaluation criteria

            B.        Decision-making

            C.        Personal and professional goals

            D.        Action plan


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