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Official Course Description:  MCCCD Approval: 4-28-09

ARC265  2009 Fall – 2010 Summer II

L+L  3.0 Credit(s)  6.0 Period(s)  5.1 Load  Occ

Sketchup I: Introduction to Sketchup

Provides students with introductory level instruction utilizing Sketchup rendering software for school and workplace applications. Addresses basic drawing/rendering commands, accessing external drawing files, and plotting through the creation of both three-dimensional schematic and rendered interior and exterior building views.

Prerequisite: ARC141 or permission of Instructor.


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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:



ARC265  2009 Fall - 2010 Summer II

Sketchup I: Introduction to Sketchup


1.         Demonstrate proficient use of multiple, standard Sketchup tools, including line, push/pull, offset, move, copy, follow me, scale. (I,VIII)

2.         Import AutoCAD DWG and jpeg files into Sketchup. (I, III, IV, VIII)

3.         Create unique geometries from intersecting models. (I,VIII)

4.         Create and save 3-D components. (I,VIII)

5.         Download and modify components from Google 3-D warehouse (II, IV, VIII)

6.         Apply textures and materials to building geometry. (I,VIII)

7.         Create 3-D models from external images: Photo-match. (III, VIII)

8.         Insert 3-D text. (V, VIII)

9.         Export Sketchup drawings as jpegs. (VI, VIII)

10.       Plot Sketchup model in AutoCAD. (VII, VIII)


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MCCCD Official Course Outline:



ARC265  2009 Fall - 2010 Summer II

Sketchup I: Introduction to Sketchup


I.          Introduction to Sketchup

            A.        Accessing Software; Formatting Screen

            B.        Importing Autocad DWG Files for Use as Drawing Base

            C.        Basic Tools: Select, Line, Erase, Push-Pull, Follow Me, Move, Copy, Scale, Mirror

            D.        Creating and Manipulating Components and Groups.

            E.         Intersect Model To Create Unique Geometry

            F.         Applying Materials and Shadows

II.        Web Sites and Components

            A.        Downloading Components from Google 3D Warehouse

            B.        Modifying Downloaded Components

III.       Inserting Images and Textures; Preparing Images for Rendering

            A.        Preparing Images for Rendering

            B.        Creating 3D Models from Magazine Images (Photo Match)

IV.       Importing and Exploding Background Images.

V.        Inserting 3D Text

VI.       Creating and Exporting JPEG Files

VII.     Plotting Sketchup Models in Autocad.

VIII.    Synthesis: Final Project

            A.        Sketchup Drawing

            B.        Downloaded and Created Components

            C.        Materials and Textures

            D.        Autocad Plot


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