Maricopa Community Colleges  CHM235LL   20076-99999 

Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 5-22-2007

CHM235LL  2007 Fall – 2011 Summer II

LAB  1.0 Credit(s)  4.0 Period(s)  3.1 Load  Acad

General Organic Chemistry I Laboratory

Laboratory experience in support of CHM235.

Prerequisites: CHM152LL, or CHM154LL, or equivalent. Prerequisites or Corequisites: CHM235.

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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:


CHM235LL  2007 Fall – 2011 Summer II

General Organic Chemistry I Laboratory



Identify and evaluate chemical hazards for all chemicals involved in each laboratory experiment.


Cite the location and operation of common laboratory safety equipment in the laboratory, such as fire extinguisher(s), fire blanket(s), eyewash station, and safety shower.


Safely handle and properly dispose of hazardous chemicals.


Wear appropriate personal protective equipment, such as goggles, lab apron, gloves, etc.


Maintain a detailed laboratory notebook.


Given a written experimental procedure, plan and complete a series of steps to safely and successfully complete the experiment in the allotted time.


Record and interpret quantitative and qualitative data. Perform calculations using the proper number of significant figures and appropriate terminology.


Determine accurate masses using an analytical balance to a precision of at least 1 mg.


Perform laboratory operations and measurements using standard-size or microscale organic chemistry glassware.


Perform melting point temperature and boiling point temperature determinations.


Perform vacuum filtrations using a vacuum pump or aspirator for the vacuum source.


Purify crude products using crystallization, distillation, and other appropriate methods.


Perform liquid-liquid extractions.


Perform chromatographic separations of organic chemicals, using techniques such as column chromatography, thin-layer chromatography, gas chromatography, or high-performance liquid chromatography.


Perform instrumental analyses of prepared samples using infrared (IR) spectrometry and gas chromatography (GC).


Prepare written reports in an organized format to include presenting and analyzing data and observations and reporting conclusions.

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MCCCD Official Course Outline:


CHM235LL  2007 Fall – 2011 Summer II

General Organic Chemistry I Laboratory


I. Not applicable. Laboratory experience will consist of application of lecture content to related chemistry experiments.


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