Maricopa Community Colleges  ART143   20066-99999 

Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 04/25/06

ART143  20066-99999


3 Credit(s)

6 Period(s)

Intermediate Digital Photography

Intermediate theory and techniques of digital photography. Aesthetic awareness and personal expression from image capture through intermediate techniques in the digital darkroom. Introduction to high-resolution digital output. Prerequisites: ART142 or permission of instructor.


Course Note: Semi-adjustable, high-resolution digital camera is required.


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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:



ART143   20066-99999

Intermediate Digital Photography



Demonstrate and apply intermediate exposure techniques using digital image capture devices. (I)


Display techniques in use of light for aesthetic effect. (II)


Demonstrate and apply intermediate digital darkroom techniques of digital image file preparation. (III)


Survey and visually respond to traditions and styles of photography as an art form. (IV)


Demonstrate basic principles of two-dimensional, visual design. (V)


Prepare and present finished prints of digital photographs demonstrating aesthetic control of digital camera exposure and digital darkroom printing techniques. (VI)


Demonstrate and apply intermediate presentation methods as they apply to digital photographic imagery. (VII)



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MCCCD Official Course Outline:



ART143   20066-99999

Intermediate Digital Photography



I. Intermediate Sensitometry

A. Exposure/histogram relationships

B. Exposure value (E.V.) settings

C. On location image adjustment techniques

II. Intermediate photographic lighting techniques

A. Quality of light

B. Artificial light

C. Natural light

III. Intermediate digital darkroom image file preparation

A. Resolution, size and image quality

B. File formats

C. Color profiles

D. Post-image capture digital manipulation

IV. History and styles of digital photography as an art form

A. Identify historical and/or contemporary styles and trends in traditional photography

B. Identify contemporary trends in digital photography

C. Individual visual response to history and styles of photography / digital photography as an art form

V. Intermediate principles of visual design

A. Visual literacy

B. Principles of design for two-dimensional and digital presentation

C. Display of aesthetic growth in the personal experience

VI. Intermediate theory and techniques for printing digital images

A. Production of digital photographs that demonstrate control of the above techniques

B. Criticism and discussion

VII. Intermediate concepts in portfolio development and the exhibition of digital photographs

A. Digital exhibition

B. Intermediate concepts in print presentation

C. Intermediate portfolio development

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