Maricopa Community Colleges  CON105   20052-20086 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 07/22/08
CON105 20052-20086 LEC 1 Credit(s) 1 Period(s)
Introduction to Foundations
Terms, transit level set up, foundation and slab formwork. Stripping footing forms, laying out foundation lines. Slab-on- grade footings, low wall formwork and setting anchor bolts. Types and properties of soil, excavation safety, excavation support systems and bedding material.
Prerequisites: (Registered apprentice status and CON104) or permission of the apprenticeship coordinator.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
CON105   20052-20086 Introduction to Foundations
1. Define specific terms related to formwork. (I)
2. Explain set up and leveling procedures for a builder's level or transit level. (II)
3. Explain how to construct foundation and slab formwork. (III)
4. Describe how to strip footing forms and lay out the foundation lines on footings. (IV)
5. Explain how to construct "slab-on-grade" footings and low wall formwork. (V)
6. Explain how anchor bolts are set in foundations. (VI)
7. Identify properties and types of soil. (VII)
8. Explain excavation safety procedures. (VIII)
9. Describe sloping requirements for different types of soil. (IX)
10. Identify and describe excavation support systems. (X)
11. Describe types and uses of bedding material. (XI)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
CON105   20052-20086 Introduction to Foundations
    I. Terms
        A. Batter boards
        B. Bench mark
        C. Column
        D. Finish concrete
        E. Footings
        F. Forms
        G. Form tie
        H. Foundations
        I. Grade
        J. Grade board
        K. Pile
        L. Slab
        M. Slab-on-grade
        N. Spreader
        O. Screed
        P. Screed board
        Q. Other
      II. Builders Transit/Transit Level
          A. Set up
          B. Leveling
          C. Use
        III. Foundation and Slab Formwork
            A. Edge forms
              1. Form boards
              2. Stake
              3. Brace
              4. Screed
              5. Strike board
            B. Sloped formwork
              1. Straightedge
              2. Form stake
              3. Level
            C. Curved formwork
            D. Bracing
              1. Form stake
              2. Brace
              3. Deadman stake
          IV. Footing Forms and Foundation Lines
              A. Types of footings
                1. Plain
                2. Reinforced
                3. Continuous
                4. Stepped
                5. Isolated
              B. Foundation layout
                1. Batter boards
                2. Dry line
                3. Corner stakes
                4. Plumb bob line
              C. Stripping footing forms
                1. Nails
                2. Wire
                3. Deadman stakes
                4. Diagonal bracing
            V. Slab-On-Grade Footings and Low Wall Formwork
                A. Constructing footing forms
                  1. Footing form corner stakes
                  2. Form stakes
                  3. Form boards
                  4. Spreader
                  5. Cleats
                B. Low wall forms
                  1. Establish corners
                  2. Mark wall width - chalkline
                  3. Set form walls
                  4. Place rebar
                  5. Nail ties
                  6. Install bracing
              VI. Anchor Bolts
                  A. Bolt holder - set on grade
                  B. Mark and drill hole
                  C. Install bolt
                VII. Soils
                    A. Properties
                      1. Grain size
                      2. Soil graduation
                      3. Grain shape
                    B. Types
                      1. Sand
                      2. Silt
                      3. Clay
                      4. Gravel
                  VIII. Excavation Safety
                      A. Design hazards
                      B. Personal safety
                    IX. Sloping Requirements
                        A. Allowable slopes (simple slope)
                          1. Stable rock - 90 degrees
                          2. Type A soil - 53 degrees
                          3. Type B soil - 45 degrees
                          4. Type C soil - 34 degrees
                        B. Types of benching
                          1. Simple bench
                          2. Multiple bench
                      X. Excavation Support Systems
                          A. Shoring
                          B. Sheet piling
                          C. Trench boxes
                            1. Configurations
                            2. Moving trench boxes
                            3. Safety
                        XI. Bedding Material
                            A. Laying conditions
                              1. Type I
                              2. Type II
                              3. Type III
                              4. Type IV
                              5. Type V
                            B. Depth of cover
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