Maricopa Community Colleges  CON104   20052-20086 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 07/22/08
CON104 20052-20086 LEC 2 Credit(s) 2 Period(s)
Concrete Reinforcement
Concrete manufacture, aggregates, water, admixtures. Reinforcing bars, bar bends, bar supports, ties and splices. Placing reinforcing steel. Concrete handling, conveying, placing and finishing.
Prerequisites: (Registered apprentice status and CON101) or permission of the apprenticeship coordinator.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
CON104   20052-20086 Concrete Reinforcement
1. Explain how concrete is made and describe the common types of cement. (I, II)
2. Describe the specific types of aggregates used in concrete, what constitutes acceptable water and types of admixtures. (III)
3. Describe the applications of reinforcing bars, the uses of reinforced structural concrete and specific processes involved in placing reinforcing bars. (IV,V)
4. List the tools and equipment needed for reinforcing installation and explain the necessity of cover in placing reinforcing steel. (V)
5. Identify specific types of bar supports and state their applications. (V)
6. Identify bar bends standardized by the American Concrete Institute and describe the information found on bar lists. (V)
7. Describe the tolerances allowed in the fabrication of reinforcing bars. (V)
8. List the materials and type of ties used in securing reinforcing bars. (VI)
9. Describe lapped, welded and mechanical splices and the CADWELD rebar splice. (VI)
10. Describe methods by which rebar may be cut and bent in the field. (VII)
11. Explain how to place bars in walls, columns, beams, girders, joists and in one-way and two-way slabs. (VIII)
12. Explain specific handling procedures for concrete and list accepted methods of conveying concrete on the job site. (IX)
13. Describe the correct methods of placing concrete into the forms. (X)
14. Explain how to correctly finish concrete slabs and identify the tools and equipment used. (XI)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
CON104   20052-20086 Concrete Reinforcement
    I. Concrete
        A. Definitions
          1. Portland cement
          2. Hydration
          3. Plastic concrete
          4. Green concrete
          5. Cured concrete
          6. Poured-in-place concrete
          7. Pre cast concrete
          8. Reinforced concrete
          9. Pre-stressed concrete
          10. Post-stressed concrete
        B. Properties of plastic concrete
          1. Moldability
          2. Portability
            c. properties of cured concrete
          1. High structural strength
          2. Waterproof
          3. Durable
          4. A3brasion resistant
      II. Types of Portland Cement
          A. Type I - normal
          B. Type II - modified
          C. Type III - early strength
          D. Type IV - low heat
          E. Type V - sulfate resisting
          F. Air-entrained
          G. White
          H. Pozzolan
        III. Aggregates, Water and Admixtures
            A. Aggregates
              1. Strength
              2. Size
              3. Shape
              4. Weight
              5. Cleanliness
            B. Water
            C. Admixtures
              1. Air entraining
              2. Accelerating
              3. Retarding
              4. Water reducing
              5. Coloring
              6. Workability
              7. Pozzolan
          IV. Reinforced concrete
              A. Applications of reinforcing bars
                1. Simple beams
                2. Continuous beams
                3. Overhang, interior support and cantilever beams
                4. Cantilever retaining walls
                5. Combined footings
                6. Rectangular footings
                7. Inside corners
                8. Stair landings
                9. Columns
              B. Uses of reinforced concrete
                1. Buildings
                2. Bridges
            V. Reinforcing Bars
                A. Tools
                  1. Hard hat
                  2. Heavy shoes
                  3. Tie wire reel
                  4. Tool pouch
                  5. Striker
                  6. Pliers
                  7. Measuring tape
                  8. Tip cleaners
                  9. Keel holder
                  10. Gloves
                  11. Hickey bar
                  12. Other
                B. Bar types
                  1. A615
                  2. A616
                  3. A617
                  4. A706
                C. Bar supports
                  1. Slab bolsters
                  2. Slab bolster uppers
                  3. Slab bolster with plates
                  4. Beam bolsters
                  5. Beam bolster uppers
                  6. Bar chairs
                  7. Joist chairs
                  8. High chairs
                  9. Other
                D. Bar Bends
                  1. Type 1
                  2. Type 2
                  3. Type 3
                  4. Type 4
                  5. Type 5
                  6. Other
                E. Bundling and tagging
                F. Bar lists
                G. Tolerances in fabrication
                  1. Straight bars
                  2. Hooked bars
                  3. Truss bars
                  4. Spirals
                  5. Column ties
              VI. Tying and Splicing Reinforcing Steel
                  A. Tie types
                    1. Snap
                    2. Wall
                    3. Saddle
                    4. Wrap and saddle
                    5. Figure eight
                    6. Nailhead
                  B. Percentage of ties
                  C. Splices
                    1. Lapped
                    2. Welded
                    3. Mechanical
                    4. Cadweld rebar splice
                VII. Cutting and Bending Rebar
                    A. Oxyacetylene torch
                    B. Power hacksaw
                    C. Bolt cutters
                    D. Power shears
                    E. Hickey bar
                    F. Bending jig
                  VIII. Placing Reinforcing Steel
                      A. Footings
                        1. Square or rectangular
                        2. Continuous wall
                      B. Pile caps
                      C. Mat or raft slab foundations
                      D. Bar spacing
                      E. Column dowels
                      F. Bars in walls
                      G. Wall mat supports
                      H. Wall mat spacers
                      I. Wall intersections
                      J. Cantilever retaining walls
                      K. Column ties
                      L. Spirals
                      M. Beams and girders
                      N. Joists
                      O. Slabs
                        1. One-way
                        2. Two-way
                    IX. Handling and Conveying Concrete
                        A. Factors
                          1. Delays
                          2. Early hardening
                          3. Segregation
                        B. Equipment
                          1. Redi-mix truck
                          2. Hopper
                          3. Elephant trunk
                          4. Crane
                          5. Buckets
                          6. Barrows and buggies
                          7. Chutes
                          8. Belt conveyers
                          9. Pneumatic gun
                          10. Concrete pump
                          11. Dropchutes
                          12. Tremies
                          13. Screw spreaders
                      X. Placing Concrete
                          A. Form preparation
                          B. Rapid placement
                          C. Minimum movement
                          D. Consolidation
                            1. Internal vibration
                            2. External vibration
                        XI. Finishing Concrete
                            A. Screeding
                              1. Power screed
                              2. Manual screed
                              3. Jitterbug tamper
                            B. Darbying
                            C. Bullfloating
                            D. Edging and jointing
                              1. Edger
                              2. Hand groover
                            E. Floating
                              1. Hand float
                              2. Finishing machine
                            F. Troweling
                              1. Hand trowel
                              2. Power trowel
                            G. Brooming
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