Maricopa Community Colleges  CRW270   20042-99999 

Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 5-27-2003

CRW270  2004 Spring – 2011 Fall

LEC  3.0 Credit(s)  3.0 Period(s)  3.0 Load  Acad

Intermediate Fiction Writing

Writing a series of original short stories; analysis of established works of fiction; concentration on revising students' fiction through intensive workshopping.

Prerequisites: CRW170 or permission of Instructor.

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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:


CRW270  2004 Spring – 2011 Fall

Intermediate Fiction Writing



Define the following terms as they apply to the writing of fiction: story, plot, setting, point of view, rising action, conflict, crisis, resolution, scene, and subplot. (I)


Analyze and evaluate works of fiction by both established authors and fellow students. (I)


Revise work(s) of fiction through a series of revision methods. (I)


Effectively use exposition, summary, description, dialogue, and flashbacks in work(s) of fiction. (II)


Distinguish between showing and telling and explain when each is appropriate. (II)


Interpret and develop the theme in one's own fiction and effectively evaluate other students' themes. (III)


Write short fiction that incorporates techniques studied in class and apply extensive revision. (IV)


Identify specific markets for each piece of one's own work. (V)


Submit fiction in standard manuscript form. (V)

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MCCCD Official Course Outline:


CRW270  2004 Spring – 2011 Fall

Intermediate Fiction Writing


I. Analyzing and Revising Fiction

A. Elements of story and plot

1. Setting

2. Point of view

3. Rising action

4. Conflict

5. Crisis

6. Resolution

7. Scene

8. Subplot

B. Analyzing and evaluating

1. Established authors' work

2. Students' work

C. Revision techniques

1. General revisions

2. Concentrated revisions

II. Exploring Narrative Techniques

A. Exposition

B. Summary

C. Description

D. Dialogue

E. Flashbacks

F. Showing versus telling

III. Developing Themes

A. Interpreting themes

B. Evaluating themes

C. Revising themes

IV. Manuscript Preparations

V. Marketing Fiction


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