Maricopa Community Colleges  CRW204   20042-99999 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 03/25/03
CRW204 20042-99999 LEC 3 Credit(s) 3 Period(s)
Studio course focusing on journal writing. Prerequisites: CRW150 or permission of instructor.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
CRW204   20042-99999 Journaling
1. Analyze and describe the primary elements of the genre or topic that is the focus of this course. (I)
2. Describe the history and development of journal writing. (I)
3. Use several discovery and prewriting techniques to draft a creative work in the designated genre or a sample of the element that is the focus of this course. (II)
4. Write a complete creative work within the genre or write a creative sample using the element that is the focus of this course. (II)
5. Analyze and evaluate one's own creative work, that of fellow students, and that of professional writers. (III)
6. Use several revision techniques to develop and improve one's own creative work. (IV)
7. Submit a portfolio of creative work in the appropriate manuscript form. (V)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
CRW204   20042-99999 Journaling
    I. Genre/Topic
        A. Primary elements
          1. Description/characteristics
          2. Analysis
        B. History and development
      II. Work/Sample Production
          A. Appropriateness of topic to genre
          B. Techniques
            1. Discovery
            2. Prewriting
          C. Incorporation of genre elements
        III. Creative Work Analysis and Evaluation
            A. Self
            B. Classmates
            C. Professional writers
          IV. Revision Techniques
              A. Purpose
                1. Development of work/sample
                2. Improvement of work/sample
              B. Application to work/sample
            V. Portfolio
                A. Manuscript preparation
                B. Potential market submission
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