Maricopa Community Colleges  CIS267   20006-20015 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 04/25/00
CIS267 20006-20015 L+L 3 Credit(s) 4 Period(s)
RPG IV Programming
RPG IV programming with emphasis on basics and advanced topics to provide the foundation for moving from older RPG environments to the modern RPG IV language. Prerequisites: CIS157AA and CIS257AA, or One year RPG programming experience.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
CIS267   20006-20015 RPG IV Programming
1. Utilizing extended structured and modular coding style in RPG IV programs. (I)
2. Utilizing the additions and changes to Opcodes and Arguments that have been included in RPG IV in Structured Programs. (I)
3. Optimizing processing through the usage of RPG IV data types. (II)
4. Utilizing System and Internal Data Structures to process data and communicate with other programs. (III)
5. Utilizing Messaging Subfile to take advantage of system resources within RPG IV programs. (IV)
6. Utilizing String Data Type in RPG IV programs. (II)
7. Compilation of RPG IV code in Program Modules. (V)
8. Binding of Program Modules into Program Objects. (V)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
CIS267   20006-20015 RPG IV Programming
    I. Use of RPG IV in an Integrated Language Environment
        A. Structured Design Techniques
        B. Business Report Design
        C. Interactive Screen Design
        D. Modular Design
        E. RPG IV syntax additions and changes
      II. Use of RPG IV data types in calculations
          A. Mathematical Operations
          B. Character Field Operations
          C. Date/Timestamp Operations
          D. Pointer Operations
        III. Processing Database File Information in RPG IV
            A. Record Updating
            B. Record Random Access
            C. Composite Key Usage
            D. Data Structure Optimization
          IV. Display File Design & Usage in RPG IV
              A. File Information Data Structure
              B. Subfile Processing
              C. Message Subfile
              D. Screen Control in RPG IV
            V. Creation of a program Unit in ILE
                A. Bound Modules
                B. RPG Program Modules
                C. Program Object Creation
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